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We bend wire – and deliver a solution to meet your needs

FK Trådindustri is an experienced and effective supplier of wire products, with expertise in all types of wire processing. You can find our products in everything from prams and handicrafts to cages and concrete panels.

Our high-tech wire product manufacturing facilities and our equipment is always state of the art, but our approach is characterised by traditional virtues such as dependability, excellent service and attention to quality.

We are pragmatic and always find the most cost-effective solution for you, whether you need a large volume of pig iron bended for further production or a finished product that is painted, packaged and labelled according to your wishes.

We solve all wire bending tasks, either in our own production facilities or in our network.

Wire Products and Wire Bending

Wire bending is FK Trådindustri’s core competence and passion, and you will find our wire products in sectors as diverse as furniture manufacturing and the machinery industry.

We have broad expertise in wire products and wire bending. Three high tech CNC machines are operated by our skilled and experienced operators, who are never satisfied until both precision and quality are top notch.

Through the years we have developed experience with virtually all types of wire bending and all processes from sketch to finished product. Early in the development phase, we contribute knowledge and practical expertise to ensure the wire product can be efficiently mass produced without compromising on design. If we can see that the wire can be bent in a smarter or cheaper way with small changes, then we speak up. The wire product is delivered in a form that matches your next steps, from pig iron on pallets for further processing, to a painted and packaged product that is labelled with bar codes. We bend the solution to match your needs.

Let us help you with your next project

We deliver everything in bent wire, from 3 to 10 mm, using our very modern CNC/PLC controlled machinery.

Our clientele ranges from pram factories to concrete panel factories, and the furniture industry is also one of our largest customer groups. We also deliver wire of all types in fixed measurements.

We stock polished wire, copper-plated wire, galvanised wire, black annealed wire and stainless steel wire.

In short, we are your complete supplier of wire and wire products.

Contact your wire product supplier – We are here to help you. 

Kjeld R. Larsen

Owner, Head of Production and Purchasing

Henrik Buch

Head of Sales
Tlf.: +45 64 43 28 17
Fax: +45 64 43 28 77

FK Trådindustri - Industrikrogen 7, Filskov - DK-7200 Grindsted - Tlf. +45 75 34 84 66 - Fax +45 75 34 84 95 - Email

FK Tråd er en Trådvarefabrik der siden 1981 har leveret trådvarer til en lang række produktionsvirksomheder, med behov for bukket tråd